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Next Level Fitness is Nashville’s largest personal training gym with over seven thousand square feet of free weights, machines, stretching and martial arts areas. We have all the amenities of major chains but with privacy, cleanliness and focused one on one training. 


In addition to the ample space, our personal training professionals are the best in the business. They’ll push you to your max with positive energy and help you build a stronger, happier, healthier you. Whether you’re an office worker, student or professional athlete, we’ll get you to the next level. Next Level Fitness, come experience it for yourself.

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The Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation was created by and is headed by Rickson Gracie. The federation’s goal is to unite the world of Gracie/Brazilian jiu-jitsu and to keep it alive it as a traditional, self-defense oriented martial art.


With an unprecedented, undefeated fight record, Rickson Gracie has taught people from all walks of life, from elite athletes and special forces to hobbyists and people with special needs. His detailed and personalized approach has enabled him to produce world champions, instill confidence in regular everyday people and has inspired countless others who may have never even set foot in a martial arts school. Today he serves as the president of the Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation, Rickson Academy and the Rickson Gracie Cup, while maintaining the mission of preserving and further refining his family’s gentle art. 

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The US Eastern Wado Ryu is one of the oldest karate organizations in the United Sates. It was founded in 1968 by Cecil Patterson, a pioneer in the world of martial arts in the US. It continues to be one of the strongest traditional organizations in the United States and is headed by the late Sensei Patterson’s son, John Patterson.

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